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Ghost kitchens, virtual kitchens, cloud kitchens – they are taking North America by storm.

Our team of experts provide a turnkey mobile solution encompassing everything from architectural design, equipment sourcing, permits, location scouting and final kitchen production.

These mobile kitchens allow brands to test and service locations outside of current service areas and can be up and running in a fraction of the time as a brick-and-mortar kitchen. They also alleviate concerns about long term leases or agreements. When you are ready to re-locate, your new “location” will be up and running in days, minus the renovation cost and unnecessary down-time. Simply re-connect and go.

Ghost Kitchens

The Benefits of Going Mobile


Mobility and freedom take your kitchen anywhere & everywhere.  With urbanites heading to the suburbs for more affordable housing, they are leaving behind their favourite eats.  Testing new areas allows you to expand your reach, and develop a loyal following of new customers.  

Changing Industry

Food delivery is exploding, but foot traffic is down.

Low Overhead

Startup costs are unprecedentedly low compared to brick & mortar leases

Less Labor Cost

Labor doesn’t have to be your biggest expense

Optimized Food Cost

Food cost and margins can be optimized like never before.  Smaller menus with strategic locally-available ingredients allow you to maintain a fresh offering, with minimal waste.

No Commitment

If a location isn’t performing, you can easily and quickly move somewhere else.

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Industry News And Events

Ghost Kitchens Could Be The Future of Restaurants- And Your Success

When so-called “ghost kitchens” started appearing on the dining scene, they seemed like an enterprising solution to several nagging problems: the tight labor market, rising costs and the public’s growing appetite for delivered meals…

Why Ghost Kitchens Are the Next Big Thing

Dog Haus is the kind of place designed to spend time in. It serves dogs, burgers, beers, and the like, and its wide-open space captures the vibe of a beer hall — industrial but clean, with high ceilings, wall-size graphics, reclaimed-wood-and-steel tables, and music trendy enough to draw in young customers…

McDonald’s opens 1st ghost restaurant in London

The U.K. market has become a hotbed of virtual kitchens. Deliveroo operates 16 ghost restaurants across the market, according to Property Week. Uber Eats has 5,000 ghost kitchens globally, and a big chunk of that unit count is in the U.K. Considering Uber Eats is McDonald’s delivery partner, its experience in the ghost kitchen space could enable the quick-service giant to expand here as well.

The opening of McDonald’s first ghost kitchen comes on the heels of its Q3 earnings call, in which the company announced that delivery accounts for more than 10% of its U.K. business. In the market, 950 of McDonald’s 1,250 locations currently offer delivery and on Sept. 18, the company received more than 124,000 delivery orders. Globally, McDonald’s delivery business is expected to generate $4 billion, or about 4% of sales this year…

Report: ‘The Future Is Off-Premises’

Restaurant sales are expected to reach $899 billion in 2020, according to The National Restaurant Association’s recently released “2020 State of the Restaurant Industry” report. By 2030, that number will jump to $1.2 trillion…

Ghost kitchens on the rise

VANCOUVER — When the COVID-19 outbreak forced many restaurants to shutter dining rooms across Canada, Vancouver-based Joey Restaurants responded by opening two “ghost kitchens” — a new model being adopted for delivery- and pick-up-only spaces.

Large restaurant chains are accelerating their adoption of the design, in which centralized kitchens pump out orders without the need for a dining room, amid a surge in demand during the pandemic, and the trend may be here to stay.

“All the big players are actually having this conversation,” said Robert Carter, industry analyst with The StratonHunter Group…


Juiceworks handled design,
build & installation services with professionalism and excellent attention to detail. Their on-site services were first rate, covering all three of our booths. We are very pleased with their service overall.”

BSH Home Appliances

The staff is friendly, responsive, and cares about the quality of their work. The team worked quickly
to remedy any minor
issues through great communication. Thank you for a job well done!

Gwilmdale Farms

The team at Juiceworks is fantastic. They were able to manage tight budgets and even tighter timelines and carried out an amazing booth that generated a lot of press from not only the
conference itself, but on a national level. Thanks to the whole team!

Evans Hunt

Having worked with the Juiceworks team on multiple BMW projects, I can say it’s a pleasure to have such great customer service and attention. It was a great experience working with the Juiceworks team, thank you!

BMW Group Canada

Mobile Ghost Kitchens

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JUICEWORKS is acknowledged by clients globally as the go-to supplier for innovative design, quality craftsmanship and production. We have grown to represent some of the world’s most recognized cross-sector brands. Our offerings include: commercial/retail space design and production, pop-up shops, custom exhibit/event fabrication, experiential marketing, mobile marketing initiatives, museums and general contracting for events.
Regardless of the task, our diverse team of experts take each project through concept to successful execution. Our primary goal is to continually win our client’s respect and approval on a job well done.